4G Bonded Networks

Portable but secure, the data connectivity provided by our 4G bonded networks is second to none and, for a wide range of business users, it offers a virtually unlimited number of ways in which your organisation can thrive. By harnessing the power of the 4G mobile telephone network, GPS Telecoms is able to bring you unrivalled levels of data connectivity when and where you need it most. Read on to discover the many advantages of deploying this sort of technology within your business.

Work Wherever You Need To

A 4G bonded network is as flexible as your mobile phone. You can set up a fast data connection in remote locations using one where the provision of a standard fixed telephone line would not be possible. Want to work from the beach or a rural location where the hard infrastructure for running a modern business has yet to be installed, for instance? It is no problem with a wireless, 4G network. The same could be said of a construction site where no telephone connections currently exist. Just opt for a 4G bonded network and get going.

Provide Temporary Wi-Fi

Maybe you are planning on holding a corporate event where there is no current Wi-Fi? Perhaps you need to be able to provide additional wireless network provision in a satellite office or at a trade fair? If so, then generating your own bonded network using a 4G signal will allow you to work in total security and provide internet access to any guests you want to. You can even use one to take a load of your current fixed-line usage if your current level of bandwidth is not always sufficient.

Cost Effective Data Communications

If you rely on your employee’s smart devices to provide their own data communications when they are outside of your usual network, then costs can soon mount up. With a 4G bonded network solution that is tailored to your particular business requirements, staff members share the available resource without undue costs. A mix of data packages can be chosen so that you obtain the most cost-effective one for your needs with speeds that can run up to an astonishing 400 Megabytes per second.


We have the ability to bond multiple 4G LTE Networks together and convert all speeds in to a single data connection.

Our Team of Network Architects can either provide internet breakout from site or connect your site back to your corporate breakout utilising fully secure VPN security.

We provide two different routers based on speed requirements of which both can be deployed instantly to site.

The typical uses for the solution are;

  • Rapid site deployment

  • Construction site connectivity

  • Temporary solution whilst traditional fixed line & broadband is installed

  • In-vehicle connectivity

  • Events and exhibition WIFI

  • Remote locations where Fixed Line are not available


Multi-Module 3 Router (3 Sim Solution)

WAN Module Slots:        3

Bonding Capacity:          100Mbps

LAN Interface:                 Gbit Ethernet

Users on LAN:                 Up To 50


Multi-Module 6 Router (6 Sim Solution)

WAN Module Slots:        6

Bonding Capacity:          400Mbps

LAN Interface:                 Gbit Ethernet

Users on LAN:                 Up To 500


Based on your network infrastructure and setup requirements we would complete an initial consultation to ensure the deployment matches all requirements.

Basic setups are generally installed within 2 working days following completion of consultation and site check.

Far more in depth network setups can take longer.  We have the options of adding priority bandwidth to different applications to ensure the highest priority operational procedures are assured first (Voice Systems, CRM Software etc).

We also offer both Wires Only and a Fully Managed service.  If you have regular deployments or ongoing on-site requirements we would always recommend the Fully Managed option.

We cater for all sizes of requirements from a single site install to large corporate rollouts of over 150 sites.

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