An Introduction To GPS Inbound Call Routing

GPS offers a unique approach to inbound call routing management which puts you – the business owner or manager – in the driving seat. This is because our approach to inbound call management does not rely on traditional PBX technology which needs an engineer to set up. All the major call routing features that you could want from a PBX are included in this powerful business solution.

You can connect your inbound calls via traditional geographical numbers – starting in 01 and 02, for example – as well as 0800 and 03 numbers. It allows you to terminate incoming calls where you have the resources to cope whilst providing you with the flexibility to make changes to how calls are handled on the fly. For example, inbound calls might be answered in one office during the day and another office at night. It’s a highly adaptable approach to inbound call management which you administrate yourself.

Before we look at some examples of the different sort of GPS inbound call routing processes you could opt for, let’s examine what you need to be able to use the system.

To start with, you don’t require a degree in business telecommunications programming to start altering the manner in which your inbound calls are handled. All you need is a PC with our software on it which has internet access. So, even from home, you can react to changing conditions in the office. For example, you might want to start routing inbound sales calls to your customer service department if you know the sales team happens to be in a meeting. Equally, you might redirect technical support calls for your Glasgow office to an office south of the border during Scottish bank holidays.

In short, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to achieve different inbound routing options and to put things back to their normal mode when you want. This alone makes our system the most powerful hosted inbound call routing service on the market. However, it doesn’t end there. Let’s look at some key features – but bear in mind that these are only a few that come with the system.


Auto Attendant

Some PBXs come with automated attendants built in while others require third-party systems to be added on. Either way, they’re often tricky to program. With the GPS inbound call routing system, you can set up your calls to be answered automatically within minutes. By offering callers a variety of options, they can then use their keypad to route their call to the right department themselves or even listen to an information message so that you don’t need to terminate the call to an extension at all.


Call Centre

This advanced feature allows you to harness the power of features like auto attendant and hunt groups so that you can direct calls to the right people who are qualified to deal with them. Call centre technology includes helpful queuing systems – allowing you to handle inbound calls in the most effective manner and see which employees are handling the most inbound calls, helping you to manage your resources accordingly.


One to One

This is the feature to use if you want to make sure that a phone number, when rung, always goes to the right place. Use it for a director’s direct line, for example, or for a dedicated sales line.


Voice to Email

This handy feature comes as a part of the call recording options in the system. If you want, you can have voicemail messages automatically sent to you in the form of emails so you can listen to them from your computer without even needing a phone.

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