Call Recording Solutions Have Moved On

The main reasons businesses record calls are for dispute resolution, protection against abuse and improved staff training. In addition, businesses that give out financial advice or take card payments over the phone must record their calls.

While most phone systems offer users the option to record calls on demand, but this means that the start of a conversation may be missed if the user decided to begin recording midway through a call, e.g. when a caller became abusive. This seems a little inefficient and relies on the user to remember to press the record button at the start of each call!

Although dedicated call recording solutions are a very useful tool, many businesses have shied away from them due to cost. On premise solutions often require an investment in hardware where cloud solutions are typically charged based on the amount of calls stored at any one time across the whole business. To negate these charges increasing if extra capacity is required, businesses are advised to download any pertinent recordings and to store them locally.

We now offer a cloud recording solution whereby call recording is selected (and paid for) on a per user basis, so you no longer have to invest in a company-wide solution. You simply need to select the users that need this facility and the length of time each needs to store their calls with options ranging from three months to seven years.

All recordings are available via a web-based portal and include details on whether the call was incoming or outgoing, the names and numbers of the people involved in the calls, plus the time, date and duration. You can search by these criteria too in case you need to supply or delete recordings to meet GDPR regulations.

All recordings are encrypted too, so they are very secure.

Businesses can use these recordings to check details of a call to clear up any disagreement. They can be used as acceptable court evidence if a caller is abusive. They can also be used as real-life training examples of how to deal with customer enquiries.

Call recording solutions have moved on. If you think your business may benefit from a modern call recording solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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