Don’t keep schtum

There’s a fine line between doing your job and interfering. There’s another one between being a detached professional and offering unsolicited advice. But if you can see where a client is struggling when they don’t need to, your input could be just what they need.

As a lawyer, an accountant or an IT expert with several clients you’ll see all kinds of practice. Operations which pioneer new technologies and others plodding on with the same-old, same-old. You’ll hear them grouse about the costs of energy, about how difficult it is to keep track of a mobile workforce or how they’ve lost trade because of poor connectivity. Businesses often see these as problems they must manage, rather than solve. That’s a pity because you know that solutions are out there.

What you might not know is that the solutions are also very affordable, and when sourced through GPS-Telecom, very simple to implement. Our expertise is broad but not lacking in depth so we can deliver sound advice, outstanding products and all the support your client needs.

Our services include Telephony, Mobiles, Energy, Cybersecurity, Connectivity and Workflow Software – a complete package of what today’s clients want and need, and everything is tailored to suit.

If your client is struggling don’t keep quiet. Speak up. Point them in our direction. Your client will benefit and so will you. As a thank you for the introduction we’ll share with you any commission we earn on the sale of third-party products.

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