How much can you really save with VoIP?

GPS can help your business to secure the latest deals on line rentals and Cloud VoIP

VoIP technology isn’t new, in fact, it’s been around for a number of years. However, many businesses are looking to save money are now adopting VoIP as their main communication tool.

The advantages of VoIP are numerous, with many businesses using it in order to stay connected with both their internal teams and their customers.

The way your business communicates is key elements to how your business grows, develops and interacts with its customers and as a result, it should be optimised if you want your business to stay competitive.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a VoIP phone system and how it has the potential to help your business save money.



When compared to traditional phone technology, VoIP phone services offer free features and more for your money. In fact, VoIP uses the same basic functions as a regular telephone system but utilises different technology to send your voice (i.e. voice over internet protocol) across to its destination.

Voice-enabled technology helps your business receive and make calls around the world whilst also coming with some built-in free services that you and your business can take advantage of.



A VoIP phone exceeds the traditional usability of a standard phone by offering businesses an opportunity to use advanced technology features without the additional cost.

With VoIP, voicemail technology can send your voicemail messages directly to your email, allowing you to conveniently read your voicemail without impacting your business efficiency to check messages.



Devoted to business growth and development, the VoIP phone system offers free call diverts that allows you to divert calls to multiple numbers at once. A hunt group will allow anyone in your target group to answer the call in a professional manner.

You pick and choose the environment you want for your business.

For example, diverting calls with GPS Telecoms gives you an opportunity to select specific individuals or teams to answer calls while excluding others.



Perfect for offices which has multiple people based over a significant area or for businesses with multiple offices. VoIP can eliminate the cost of talking internally by offering free calls between multiple sites, allowing you to tighten up on your expenditure and utilise the savings in other more productive ways in order to drive your business forward.



  • Call barring
  • Hold music for businesses
  • Voice calls stats
  • Virtual switchboard



VoIP services operate with far less equipment and can be used with a standard laptop or PC. You have complete control over your network with support tools like multi-channel routing and secure global communications.

However, the obvious saving for your business is through the phone lines themselves which route your calls through SIP Trunks.

According to Business 2 Community online, an average of 36% of small businesses was utilizing VoIP services in 2018 and those numbers are expected to rise dramatically in 2020. It’s important for your business to have a way to get in touch with you and your business phone is more than just digits.

VoIP phone services haven’t always been at the centre of business budgeting strategies but now it’s at the forefront of saving many companies money, boosting their productivity, and creating a large-scale, cost-effective digital transformation for businesses.

Amazingly, customers are saving far more with technology-enabled telecommunications over traditional copper landlines.

VoIP is available over the cloud or mobile phone to increase your amount of savings and business productivity. Save time and money by using your local area network and internet to connect to your provider.

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