New Business Phone Line And Broadband – Where To Begin For Your New Business

You have just set up, or are in the process of setting up, a brand-new limited company. Congratulations! If you already have a team in place, even if this is just you and your fellow directors, you will probably need a new business phone line and broadband package – especially if you have a dedicated office.

This article explains where to start; what services to look for and how to go about saving yourself some time and money.


BT or Virgin Media Business Package

BT and Virgin are the market leaders in the world of business telecoms, as they are for domestic Internet and phone lines. To be fair to these providers, signing up with BT or Virgin will tick all the right boxes for a small business. You’ll get the phone lines you need, and if you choose a modern fibre-optic Internet connection you could benefit from speeds of up to 350 MB, depending on which part of the country you are in.

The downside for start-ups are the setup fees and contract periods. Virgin expects businesses to sign in for a minimum 24 month contract, for instance, within which time there is very little flexibility in your package unless you want to extend your contract. BT is similar. Both major providers are also notorious for downtime. For domestic customers this is an irritation, but for businesses it means that work grinds to a standstill until the fault is resolved – the last thing you need as a start-up.


Budget Business Network

The telecoms market has become more competitive in recent years with the entry of several low-cost providers competing with BT and Virgin Media. Notable among these are Talk Talk Business, which offers stripped back broadband and pay-as-you-go calls for a very low monthly fee and minimal setup cost. Plusnet offer similar deals but with slightly faster broadband, and Talk Mobile are a competitive option for low-cost business mobile.

The drawbacks of these budget services are low Internet speed (Talk Talk has average speeds of only 17 MB), basic customer service and limited features. Budget business mobile networks suffer from poor mobile connectivity and sketchy coverage outside major towns.


Specialist New Business Telecoms System

A third option is to seek out a telecoms package purpose designed for small businesses, such as our Genesis solution. Most start-ups operate under some kind of financial pressure, so large upfront connection fees and long, expensive contracts are a nonstarter. A new business telecoms system recognises this, offering flexible terms and spreading the cost of hardware and set up across the contract.

A general lack of flexibility is also a problem with many mainstream providers, whether they fall into the premium or budget category. A specialist new business provider such as ourselves recognises that the telecoms needs of start-ups changes rapidly. Many new businesses experience explosive growth over their first 3 to 5 years, expanding their team and maybe changing offices. In our flexible solution, we allow your package to scale up and scale back as the needs of your business changes, without tying you into a long-term lease.

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