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Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of driving new sales and warm leads. It has no competition in the world of promotional techniques. Here are our top reasons why you should use SMS Marketing from GPS Telecom.


What are the main benefits of bulk SMS marketing?

No costly and time consuming paper marketing comes remotely near the effectiveness of text marketing campaigns. The information sent is up-to-date, accurate, and distributed instantly. Within minutes you can receive direct replies, send customers to your web site, or have them calling to find out more.

Here we have selected just a few of the many real world benefits of incorporating SMS Marketing into your business:


1) Speed of response to market conditions

If you have unsold products, a cancellation or a special offer that can’t be missed, you want the word out. It can take less than one minute to formulate a winning message and hit ‘send’.


2) Incredibly high message open rate

Within 3 minutes, 98% of your recipients will have opened your message. Your message’s impact is practically instant and no other medium reaches such a high engagement level.


3) High conversion rate when using a snappy CTA

With a text to conversion rate of roughly 8%, SMS Marketing packs a powerful punch. A brief, bold CTA (Call To Action) is clear and direct. For example – ‘Shop now’ with a link to your website.


4) Zero cost (almost) and very high ROI:

The ease and efficacy of SMS marketing easily outweighs its financial cost. It beats print and TV advertising by a factor of perhaps 10 to 20, or even more, for pure ROI (Return On Investment). Its setup and running costs are very low. However, few companies use SMS Marketing to its fullest potential, meaning that the concept is still fresh and innovative. The majority of people are very receptive to the occasional marketing SMS that they receive from their opt-in favourite brands and services.


5) Receptive audience

Your target recipients must have opted in and granted you permission to send them occasional messages. That means they are extremely receptive, and therefore active buyers.


6) Customised and personalised messages

Messages can be based on the customer’s demographic, location and previous purchase patterns with very little effort. No other marketing medium provides this level of flexibility that can boost a response rate through the roof.


In summary

SMS marketing is probably THE most cost-effective method of advertising and here at GPS Telecoms we have a number of solutions which can help. Your SMS messages can be targeted at individuals or selected groups, and broadcast instantly or at a predetermined time. The solutions offer a great deal of flexibility for your business.

Whether you want to send a simple “thank you”, confirm an order placed, extend an invitation to an event or offer a promo discount, SMS marketing reaches your customer base quickly.


Our service is very low cost with no complications

With our SMS marketing solutions there is no minimum contract length, no monthly charges and no setup fees. Our white label service solution offers our commercial partners the full range of SMS marketing tools under their own colour scheme, logo, look and feel.

If you’re interested in SMS marketing and how it can help your organisation, please call us on 03330 093 677.

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