Telecom Systems For Economic Growth

Like every other part of your business related to connectivity, your telecommunications system is vital for the economic prosperity of your enterprise. In fact, a well-managed telecoms system is much more than a critical part of your wider IT infrastructure, it is a driver of business growth, too.


A Global View

If you look at parts of the developing world which do not have such a sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure as we do in the West, then you can also see how it can prevent wider economic growth at the macro level.

Of course, in countries such as Nigeria where domestic and overseas investment in building up the level of network coverage – through both wireless and wired systems – has taken place in the last decade or so, the local economy has been stimulated.

Why? Because people can talk to one another and find out where economic activity is going on.

In short, telecommunications becomes a market facilitator. To the individual, this might mean knowing where the best commodities might be to buy on a given day. To businesses, it means being able to reach new audiences and, crucially, for people to be able to contact them.


The Case In The UK

Now, no one would suggest that a typical UK SME needs to invest in the wider telecommunications network in the way that network operators and government agencies do but the principle is the same:

With a better, faster, more flexible private telecommunications system, your business can operate in ever more agile ways.

A better telephone system might mean that you can handle your inbound calls with greater efficiency, for example by being able to deploy human resources to meet peak levels of demand. Not only does this mean you need to employ fewer people to do nothing at slack times but it will often result in greater levels of customer satisfaction.

That an investment in business efficiency through telecommunications can lead to savings as well as better outcomes for customers should lead you to the natural conclusion that the better the technology gets, the greater the growth potential it will yield.


Hardware & Software

These days, so much of the growth potential you can harness from telecommunications comes not so much from the hardware but from the software that runs it. By utilising the software systems behind the phones themselves, you should be able to automate many aspects of telephony, from call recording for record keeping to automated attendants which pick up inbound calls for you.

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