The Importance Of Telecoms For Your Industry

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Communication is the essence of modern telecoms and critical for how business is conducted in every industry. Nowadays it refers to the interconnected network of electronic communication channels that enables voice phone calls, mobile connectivity, connecting to corporate networks and applications, transmitting data, video conferencing and streaming. While every organisation is dependent on telecoms for essential communications and IT, many sectors have unique requirements. Here we explore just some.


NHS / Healthcare Sector

Communications centre around three core activities:

· NHS Spine IT system for patient records

· Phone systems in GP surgeries and care centres

· Texting appointment confirmations by the NHS


These facilities depend on robust telecoms to deliver dependable results every time.


Internet – GPs, consultants and qualified healthcare specialists update hundreds of thousands of patient Summary Care Records (SCR) daily on the Spine system. This access depends on broadband Internet connectivity from every single physical location along with phone systems and internal computer networks.


Appointments – Patients depend primarily on the phone system to call their GP surgery although many surgeries now make online booking systems available.

v SMS – The NHS utilises bulk texting service to send confirmations to patients and reminders close to the time so that cancellations increase rather than no-shows, which cost a great deal of money. Hospital operating theatre costs run to an average £1,500 per hour, for example.


Retail Sector

Retail’s dependency on telecommunications has grown rapidly both for bricks and mortar as well as pure online e-commerce. Cash registers are integrated with IT for stock control and automated reordering.

Accepting card payments requires reliable phone lines and secure, encrypted communications with card provider companies, banks, and card payment services. Most major retailers depend on their websites not only for sales but to showcase their products because many of us browse online long before venturing into a bricks and mortar establishment.


Financial Services

Of all industries, finance is the one with by far the greatest dependency on telecoms. This applies to government treasury activities as much as to our personal banking. Everything is digital, from Forex and share trading to mortgage brokerage.


Industrial & Manufacturing

Many production lines now rely on automated process for manufacturing, monitoring and inspection, all dependent on reliable static and mobile internet connections. Supply chain and logistics management utilises the Internet Of Things (IoT) and GPS for tracking and status information, not to mention keeping in contact over mobiles with suppliers, shippers, drivers, security and a whole range of support services.


Looking to the future

In a word – data. Telecom innovations and services will be driven by demand for data. This has already seen the advent of 5G mobile technology with vastly increased capability to cater for the IoT. Bandwidth pipelines will become fatter to deliver more data, faster. The coming years will also see more services being delivered to consumers online, much as video streaming has become the norm in the past five years or so.


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