Things weren’t better “back then”

We get it. Some people are afraid of progress. Maybe that’s because they don’t understand new technologies. Maybe it’s the pace of change that’s frightening – the sense of not being able to keep up – that leads some people to decide to stick with what they know: the analogue TV, the DVD, the landline. But, come on, things weren’t better in the past. Do you want to go back to a dial-up connection? Would you prefer orders to arrive in print by snail mail? Do you want your mobile workforce driving around the country looking for a phone box?

Of course not. These are old-hat methods. Therefore, we can’t understand why so many businesses are still relying on outdated analogue and ISDN telephone lines when IP technology offers so many advantages – including clear financial benefits. Yes, the old systems work, but better things are out there.

Analogue and ISDN officially become obsolete at the end of 2025 and people are waiting until they’re forced to change. It’s madness. Why pay line-rental charges for four more years? Why put up with high call charges? Do these companies love old-style broadband with pages that take an age to load? Are they using every buffering break as an excuse to pop the kettle on?

By keeping hold of the past too many organisations are missing out. They’re losing opportunities to connect, work smarter, more efficiently and enjoy more security. For some reason, they see switching over as a hurdle. It isn’t. The best providers make it very easy.

The past wasn’t perfect. It had lots of dinosaurs, and it seems a few are hanging around. We know what will happen if they don’t adapt.

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