We’re Solving The Construction Industry’s Biggest Problem

Challenge: Highly available and secure connectivity from day one 1

As temporary fixtures, construction site offices and marketing suites are reliant on access to their central databases and systems. They therefore require fast and secure connectivity from the very start of the project build – yet fixed line solutions can rarely meet this time-based objective, resulting in months of costly delays between the project start and connection dates.

Solution: Rapidly deployed 4G LTE connectivity

By leveraging the power of 4G networks, construction companies can implement fast and secure connectivity from day one of the site build.

Empowering the site to progress at full speed, right from the start, a mobile networking solution delivers a reliable, temporary connectivity solution while waiting for a fixed line to be installed – giving sites the access they need to their centralised back-office systems and applications. The solution can convert to failover once the fixed line is in place, extending its lifetime value.

Wireless networks require constant management and when the network is highly distributed consistent physical access to equipment is impossible. Our solution offers cloud-based management software which makes it simple to configure, deploy, and maintain networks

Providing fast and reliable 4G LTE cellular connectivity, our feature-rich devices can support a wide variety of applications within the construction industry – from remote access to centralised systems, to guest WiFi in marketing suites.

“We would have lost a minimum of $10,000 in month-to-month sales”

Ashley Walther,

Manager, PANDORA’s Park City

Centre Store

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