Business Line Rental & Cheaper Phone Calls

A professional, high quality service providing excellent support and offering a 50% discount off BT standard call charge rate as well as a 30% discount off BT line rental. All of our installations are carried out by qualified Openreach engineers and you’ll also receive your own dedicated account manager.

Discount Phone Lines & Calls

At GPS Telecoms we provide business line rental deals that are very competitively priced, to say the least. Likewise, our call charges for your businesses’ outbound calling is attractively priced to help keep your telecommunications overheads as low as possible. What’s more, our tailored line packages meet your commercial requirements more exactly than BT, offering you the best value for money while still providing enough lines to meet all of your daily needs. Our line and calling packages provide:

  • Rates that are 50 per cent cheaper than BT call charges.

  • Line rental costs that are 30 per cent cheaper than BT.

  • Superb disaster recovery services so your calls are answered no matter what operational difficulties you might face locally.

  • Complete flexibility with call answering so you can set up satellite offices and temporary project workstations with ease.

  • Automated call answering systems so callers can direct themselves to the best place to have the call answered, thereby lowering staffing costs.

  • The ability to record your conversations for training purposes as well as providing a record for contractual reasons.

  • A range of geographical line numbers, commencing in 01 and 02, as well as 0800 and 03 numbers.

  • The ability to capture audio phone calls and convert them into emails.

  • Full voicemail functionality.

  • The in-built technology that will allow you to set up a contact centre or an outbound call centre depending on your requirements.

  • A personalised support service which runs 24/7, 365 days a year.

analogue pstn lines

At GPS Telecom we are able to offer analogue lines at very competitive prices as an alternative to BT. The lines are still run on the BT network and therefore the quality is as you would expect, but with service from GPS rather than a BT call centre. Whilst analogue lines are gradually becoming outdated technology when it comes to use for running calls on a phone system, they are still essential for a broadband or fibre connection. In addition they are often used for PDQs (card machines) and Fax lines.

For details on prices, or for a review on your current spending at no cost – please do get in touch with us.


Digital Lines

ISDN Digital dates back to before the 1990, and is a very stable, mature product that is secure and offers superb reliability. Whilst there is no urgency to move away from ISDN at this stage, BT have announced that the ISDN network will be switched off in 2025, meaning at this point any remaining users will need to move to Voice over IP technologies. There is still a place in today’s communications market for ISDN and this should be weighed up against Voice over IP (VoIP).

We still fully support Digital ISDN and if you are looking to save money on existing ISDN lines, or want to discuss the options available to you for upgrading, please do get in touch.


and lines

We offer a number of different network services; whether this is a straightforward take-over of another providers lines to save on costs, or an upgrade to the latest Voice over IP technology, we will be able to recommend the best solution to suit your needs.

We always ensure that the service we offer is suitable for the users in the current situation, and for future expansion. All connections that we offer are extremely resilient and secure, and we can provide fail over options so that there will always be something in place for peace of mind.

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