Temperature Measurement Kiosks with Facial Recognition

Industry-leading, automated personnel check-in kiosk

Non-contact kiosks automatically read body temperature in seconds,
with optional facial recognition. These kiosks are invaluable to help
prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your
employees, associates, visitors and the general public.
Vet staff members and the public before entry to public and private
premises such as office buildings, manufacturing plants, healthcare
settings, supermarkets, factories, transport hubs, schools, and hotels.

✓ Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
✓ Detects temperature of user standing in front of device
✓ Reads temperature in ~ 1 second
✓ Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
✓ Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access
✓ Verbal warning/success message plus LED traffic light system
✓ Optional facial recognition to allow entry for vetted individuals
and store regular readings

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