In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we want to reassure our customers and partners and outline how we are going to support and serve you both now, and in the foreseeable future.


Supporting You 

We are as ever, dedicated in delivering a trusted high-quality service which we will continue to do. We have taken measures in order to prepare our colleagues to be fully operational remotely and even on-site for emergencies where possible; within the government guidelines, as your safety and that of our colleagues is of course of paramount importance to us.


GPS Telecoms Ltd

We are offering all of our colleagues the option to work from home in order to ensure the health and safety of our dedicated teams.

This remote structure will result in an efficient and productive operation whilst allowing our colleagues to work safely from their homes. Without any disruption or changes in the ways in which you normally contact us.

We are also encouraging our team members to ‘self-isolate’ and work remotely if they show any symptoms of the virus, such as a high temperature, or a new continuous cough. If they have travelled to badly affected areas or have been in contact with someone with the virus, then they will be instructed to ‘self-isolate’.

With regards to travel and meetings; we are carefully following the latest Government advice and we are limiting all non-essential travel and encouraging potential ‘face to face’ meetings to be transitioned to virtual conference calls.

Essential travel and on-site work will be done respecting STRICT measures to avoid transference of the virus (our teams have received training on how to implement basic regulations; such as keeping their distance, wearing protective gloves and masks and the use of bacterial sanitisers.) The important thing is that you can count on our colleagues to maintain the quality and timing of our work and service, with minimal or little disruption.


Further Thoughts

This is a rapidly evolving situation that will change in the coming days, weeks and potentially months. The media is full of information (and misinformation) about COVID-19 and how long this will last.

The uncertainty this virus has caused is likely to impact businesses, but the best thing all of us can do is to communicate with each other, search for the facts, and ultimately make the best decisions we can to protect our employees, customers, business partners and families.

We’ll be available each and every day, working non-stop in order to deliver and assure you of our total support and we will be available via our normal lines of communication.

Please get in touch if we can provide you with any further support, advice or help regarding any communications’ challenges that you may have.

We genuinely hope you stay safe and well and hope you are able to come through these difficult times with as little disruption as possible.



Please contact us, as we have many solutions available to help in these difficult times with remote working such as:

  • Remote connection to your corporate network via VPN

  • Desktop solutions including moving your head office phone extensions to employees’ homes, cloud-based services and call recording



Don’t hesitate to ask for our advice on: 0870 730 7000 

Please stay safe and healthy.


Yours sincerely

Chris Jones

Managing Director