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Passionate about providing the best

GPS Telecom is passionate about providing the very best in independent advice on business telephone systems, offering voice and data for companies large and small.

We provide objective advice on all aspects of telecommunications across a wide range of systems, to always provide you with value for money.

Telephone and data systems designed to fit your business

Because we’re independent we are able to offer a wide range of business telephone systems, which we bespoke-design around the precise needs of your business — whether you are a small company on a single site, or a large multi-site organisation wishing to take advantage of converged communications technologies, such as phone, Internet, mobile, data and fax.

We offer the full benefits that modern business phone systems offer, including direct dial, voice mail, auto attendant, call logging, conference calls, call recording and, where required, call management software amongst many others.

Linking users wherever they work

Communication now means much more than making and taking calls. It is now possible to access and share voice, fax, video and data through systems that create a synergy between voice and data networks to open up hosts of business phone system opportunities.

By combining digital voice and VoIP with enhanced networking technology, we can support from 2 to 600 extensions, with the ability to link systems across multiple sites and onto mobile networks.

Taking time to understand you better

We spend time with you to fully understand your business and its requirements. We look at the demands of your clients plus the needs of your staff and the operation of the business.

Ultimately we look to create business telephone systems that reduce costs, improve productivity and client satisfaction, and offer more flexible working practices. As a part of the process, we also offer a full demonstration facility to make sure you are happy with system functionality.

Independent advice at all times

Crucially we aren’t tied to a specific phone system manufacturer and our engineers are experts on a wide range of systems. So we can pick the best fit for your current and future needs from quality brands including: Samsung, Panasonic and Avaya, and others.

Transparent pricing

We don’t camouflage costs, for example in a calls and maintenance package. We will always explain to you exactly what each aspect of the business telephone systems is going to cost and, where appropriate, demonstrate separately how that system may save you money in other areas such as call charges.

In some cases this can mean you get your system for no additional cost when you change provider. In every case we’ll explain in simple terms.

Training and maintenance

We pride ourselves on our after sales support. We always provide full user training with every phone system to make sure you and your staff can make the most of your investment, with follow up refreshers where necessary.

We can also offer a full maintenance package so that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong we can sort it out quickly.

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Recording phone conversations for analysis

Call recording systems allow you to record telephone conversations for later playback and analysis. This encompasses the recording of both ends of a telephone call for incoming, outgoing and conference calls.

Conversations are recorded to a storage medium, often a hard disc on a local PC, or network device. Key features would include a fast search facility to track down recordings for playback.

Call recording systems for businesses

In these days where the value of communication is so important and the speed of business continues to increase, it can be invaluable to use call recording systems to record conversations that have taken place.

Whether this is a routine desire to maintain a record of all discussions as might be required within a call centre, or whether an individual conversation proves worthy or necessary to record, GPS Telecom can provide call recording systems to allow this facility either automatically or manually.

In automatic mode all inbound and outbound calls to each required extension can be recorded and date/time stamped for further reference. Dependant on memory these can be stored for an appropriate length of time on a call recording system and either removed to another media or deleted as required.

Benefits of call recording systems

Call recording delivers peace of mind for users. The information recorded is valuable and may be used for training purposes as well as in dispute resolution of false claims.

Not all users need full blown and sophisticated call recording systems. There is a case for more cost effective systems that archive calls for a set period of time.

Call recording in action

A kitchen and bathroom equipment trade supplier was dogged with problems of getting suites and fittings to building sites at the right time.

The site foremen called the supplier to reschedule the orders, but each time many deliveries were being turned away as the builders were either not ready to accept them or they claimed the wrong goods were delivered.

By installing a call recording system the supplier was able to record all orders placed by phone and their agreed delivery times. Overnight disputes such as these virtually stopped as the supplier was able to prove they had delivered what was ordered at the time requested.

The supplier increased productivity by reducing the number of deliveries per order. Because short term, 90 days retention of recording was suitable for this application, the user also saved money on their call recording system.

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In the case of individual conversations, nothing could be simpler. At any time a record button can be pressed on your handset and the conversation will be saved to your voice mail box, for later review.

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