Business Broadband Connectivity

The need for superfast, reliable internet connection has never been greater.

Our bespoke broadband connectivity and networking services provide efficient, cost effective, scalable solutions that will future-proof your business. We offer everything from a simple broadband connection to a sophisticated ‘All Connected’ data network.

How GPS Connectivity will improve your business…

Broadband stability is essential to any business – we will provide a secure, reliable connection with guaranteed speeds that will not limit the productivity of your business.

We offer a first class range of business broadband packages. Whether you are a small business requiring a simple ADSL line or a growing organisation with a need for superfast FTTC/FTTP, we can help.

In a nutshell, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but is increasingly being used to define objects that ‘talk’ to each other. Within a business, this may include; automated systems, sensors, emails, mobiles, video monitoring, messaging etc…

IoT is another dimension for information gathering, recording and analysis. Businesses can use the technology to solve problems and eliminate constraints, allowing the business to be more productive whilst reducing costs. Studies show that 80% of companies implementing IoT technology are getting more ROI than expected.

Home working is no longer something for a business to consider, it is now the ‘new normal’.

We can provide your remote workforce with a reliable, affordable business grade solution that alleviates the drawbacks of working from home that many have experienced over the past few months – i.e. frozen screens, calls dropping out, concerns over the sharing of sensitive information and the kids eating bandwidth to play games!

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Are you ready for the 2025 ISDN Switch Off?

As the 2025 ISDN Switch Off approaches traditional landline telecommunications will have to be replaced with a digital system. At GPS, we are prepared for this revolution and can recommend and implement the best solution for you. Cloud telephony, including VOIP, is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to modernise your business – by hosting it in the cloud.

Digitals systems give you the advantage and flexibility to expand, upgrade, move sites (to include remote working) easily and can be configured with a large range of features and capabilities to suit your individual business needs.

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