Cyber Security with GPS Telecom

Up to 1 million new malware threats are released every day. Does your organisation have the safeguards in place to defend against breaches from known and unknown cyber threats?

Our cyber security experts can identify vulnerabilities and gaps in cyber defences and will suggest a roadmap of improvements and recommendations to protect your business now and in the future

How we can help protect your business…

Maintaining cyber health against threat should be a core objective of any business that uses information and data in support of its commercial operations.

A breach of your security system that leads to a loss of personal data could lead to GDPR fines (up to 4% of turnover), the possibility of class action lawsuits as well as the cost of commercial and reputational damage.

Understanding how cyber security can be improved provides evidence for a business to invest in future-proofing measures.

Our Technical Assessments focus on all aspects of information processing the environment, ranging from websites to PCs. Each technical assessment will discover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by the cyber attacker and will recommend ways to close these gaps. This process is finalised with a report which details the finding scored on a Low, Medium, High or Critical basis.

Our Framework Assessments use a face-to-face interview technique with a series of questions focused on the key areas of interest to business executives. This assessment is tailored towards more strategic and leadership cyber topics looking at governance, strategy, policy, roles, responsibilities, risk and incident management. Findings will be presented in a summary report which includes a visual graphic format that can be easily understood by all stakeholders within a business.

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The Cyber Security Issue

‘Investigating unreliable alerts waste two-thirds of staff time while actual breaches go undetected an average of 146 days. You must be on constant look out for security threats lurking in your network traffic – managed detection and response gives you actionable insight when it counts’

Gartner’s 2018 Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Magic Quadrant

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