Business VoIP & Cloud Technology

By utilising Cloud technology, you can reduce the need for expensive phone lines, hardware and maintenance. With VoIP, you can access features such as call conferencing and call recording. It’s scalable meaning you can easily add licenses as and when you need to. 

Genesis is a hosted, cloud telephony service that is easy to use and simple to configure - a virtual PBX. Calls are made and received over a voice-over-internet broadband connection, and you configure and monitor your phones through a very straightforward web portal.

SIP & Hosted Technology

As traditional digital telephone line technology, ISDN, will begin to be withdrawn in the coming years, so established businesses which rely on them need to start to plan for their future voice communications needs. Of course, the same can be said of SMEs and start-ups which are looking for tailored telecommunications packages that meet their current requirements exactly. Given that both established enterprises and new ones require a range of reliable internet services these days, deploying a system like Genesis – which makes use of Internet Protocols for voice communications as well as a host of telephony services that are run in the cloud – makes a lot of sense.

What Is Genesis?

Essentially, Genesis does away with the need for a traditional business telephone phone system, or PBX. All of the functionality that you currently enjoy with a phone system – such as caller display, extension divert, hunt groups and do-not-disturb – can be run in the cloud. Just like using a cloud-hosted email server, for example, rather than running your own one in-house, so your telephony services can be run from elsewhere. Not only does this mean that your system is more resilient because it is not subject to any on-site problems, like power cuts, but you don’t need to maintain it. A hosted telecommunications system just works when you needed in the way that suits your organisation best.

VoIP Technology

All of this comes down to the way Genesis is able to harness the power of VoIP, the technology that uses the same networking protocols that keep smart devices talking to one another over the internet. The only difference is that VoIP runs communications for voice rather than data. From a caller’s point of view, there is no difference between a VoIP call and an ISDN one – both provide crystal clear digital communications around the globe.

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